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Join us to renovate battery


polymer & AI!

Bring your creativeness to our lab and we need


to discover the artistry of science!


2024/2/14 Congratulations to Jifeng Wang for publishing paper in Journal of Physical Chemistry B;

2023/5/16 First paper in the group published in Nature Communications.;

2023/5/5 The new semester summer camp in Fudan just get started, prepare for your application!

2023/5/4 Our first paper just get accepted in Nature Communications! Keep an eye on it! 

2023/4/25 Congratulations to PhD candidate Kai Li for successfully pass the PhD interview! Woohoo~

2022/11/1 Great, out first computation server is ready for use!

Our lab is engaged in developing smart materials applied for clean energy devices and advanced manufacturing, including batteries, fuel cells, reverse osmosis membranes and 3D printing. We are actively looking forward to building a healthy earth and better human life through integration of interdisciplinary areas, e.g. material science, physics, chemistry, computer science, statistics and artificial intelligence. 

Department of Macromolecular Science

Fudan University


We are hiring!


We have multiple postdoc positions! Here, we assume you have PhD degree in related disciplines, e.g. polymer science, materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering or physics. It is great if you have expertise as shown in more than one of the following requirements.

1. Familiar with polymer condensation synthesis and various characterization techniques, including XRD, NMR, DSC, DMA, TGA and so on.

2. Experience with electrochemical characterization and battery testing,  for example IS, CV and so on.

3. Prefer to have coding experience with Python, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Tensorflow/pytorch and so on.

3. Strong writing skills and able to publish papers at high impact journals.



If you have strong interests in research and would like to continue with your academic career. You are welcomed to apply and we are actively looking for talented students with strong background in polymer science, material science, chemistry, electrical engineering and so on.


In our group you will gain experience in wet lab and soft coding skills. If you would like to be an interdisciplinary scholar. Please feel free to reach out! 


We are open to take master students as well and you will have great opportunity to experience academic research and improve your writing and presentation skill for your future career endeavor


If you are not sure about your future career plan. We offer you a great opportunity to get familiar with research and understand how research can make a better world.  

Welcome you to join!

Contact Us

We have multiple positions for the team! Please contact us through email: by sending you CV  and any documents you feel important for the application. 

Department of Macromolecular Science

Fudan Univeristy

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